John Suarez


John Suarez was born in Venezuela. He studied the elemental notions of music with prof. Lino Melo. He then continued on to learning the electronic pipe organ and the piano at the Acarigua-Araure Music School. He learned to play classical guitar with prof. Arturo Rodriguez, and the electric guitar at the Tecnologico de Musica Valencia. John is also a self-taught player of many other instruments, including the bass and the drums.
Music has always been a passion for John. His style is influenced by bossa-nova, gospel, the Venezuelan gaita, guaracha, merengue, guaco, and the 80s.
Aside from teaching music, John has produced and composed for countless artists, bands, and orchestras throughout his life.
Currently, John is director, composer, and pianist for The Name Orchestra. 

Aldrin Cornelia

1st trumpet

Aldrin is a freelance trumpet player and a music teacher based in Curaçao. He received music lessons from several well-know music teachers and conductors, such as Edgard Supriano, Hesus Martinez, Igort Rivas, Cederick Dandere, Stenlly Cornelia (his father) and El Torro Colina. He had the opportunity to play several genres with different orchestras, bands, mariachi groups and other musical settings over the years.
Aldrin is currently a permanent member of the Cuban band Los Compadres, and plays from time to time with the bands Doble RR, and Arnel i su Orkesta.

He is the first trumpet player for The Name Orchestra.

Manuela Rios


Manuela Rios was born and raised in Venezuela. She studied Music Theory and Violoncello at the Conservatorio de Música Vicente Emilio Sojo. She is also a proud former member of the Sistema Nacional de Orquestas Juveniles of Venezuela. Manuela is a cook and a food lover.

She is currently a member of the Project Orkest Curacao, a cello teacher at Cultureel Centrum Curacao, and The Name Orchestra's cellist.


Joseph Jansen

lead guitar

In 1968, at the age of 12, Joseph began his guitar studies from his uncle and his father. The following year, he received some tips and tricks from Eddy Luisa, a member of Los Dangers. In 1970, he began to play with the band CTT in the styles of rock, pop, blues and rock steady. He retook guitar playing and restarted his musical activities in 1984,  by being part of the band CTT, as well as the reggae bands Risings Songs and The Lions. He has since played with different local bands of funk, pop and reflections music.

He is currently lead guitarist of THE NAME orchestra.

Tico Mercera


Tico has always liked music. He started his musical career at an early age by playing percussion, bass, and guitar. It was only afterwards that his love for air instruments grew. He noticed a newspaper call for youngsters who wished to learn to play air instruments and joined. Later on, Tico embraced the saxophone with the help of his teacher Papachi Isenia, director of St. Vincentius Harmonie. Afterwards, Tico pursued a musical degree in the CCC School of Music, where he was taught by various professors, including Errol ‘El Toro’ Colina.

Tico enjoys all kinds of music genres, but his very favorite is Jazz. He is now a soprano/alto saxophonist, and currently plays for The Name Orchestra.

Roselin Bey

congas and mayor percussion

Roselin was born in Cuba. She graduated from The Instituto de Superación Profesional Félix Valera in percussion. There, she learned to play drums, kettledrum, congas, batá, cajón, bongo, small percussion, and güira. Roselin played the drums and the kettledrum before and during her studies in several female music groups. She has been part of many bands and orchestras, and has be part of countless performances, projects, workshops, and musical productions. Her involvement with music lead her to many international tours in almost all continents, including countries such as Belgium, Senegal, Malaysia and Korea. To top it off, she was also the first price winner at the International Percussion Competition Fiesta del Tambor.

Currently, Roselin plays the congas and mayor percussion for The Name Orchestra.

Mike Douglas


Mike has been a (bass) guitarist since he was 13 years old. His musical career lead him to tour The Netherlands. He has been part of many bands, including The Sharks, The Units, Creole Rhythms Band, Sabrosa, Blue Stars, Crosstown, and The Tropical Sound. In the 80s, Mike recorded two hit singles with the band Pleasure Express. One of which, “Valley of Love”, was number 1 song for several weeks in Surinam’s Hit-parade. To further his musical skills, he attended scales lessons as well as double bass lessons at the School of Music in Groningen, and continued his education at the Conservatorium of Zwolle. In 2006, Mike started teaching guitar and bass guitar lessons. Later, in 2013, Mike returned to Curaçao. He now plays the bass guitar for The Name Orchestra.

Otmar Dijk

2nd trumpet

Otmar learned to play the trumpet in Curaçao under the tutelage of Arnell Salsbach. Afterwards, he moved on to further his trupet skills in The Netherlands.  

He played for the Doble R band, Cuban music bands Los Compadres and Trova Cariba, as well as other “ranchera” music bands.

Currently, Otmar plays the second trumpet for The Name Orchestra.

Kenny Doran


Kenny started playing drums at a young age at his local church.

Later on, he attended music lessons at the CCC School of Music in Curaçao.

This young man has been part of several Christian music bands over time, and now shows a promising drumming career.

Kenny now plays the drums for The Name Orchestra.

Diego Mendoza

minor percussion

Diego is a versatile musician. He plays several instruments, including the shaker, the box drum, the guitar and the Venezuelan cuatro. He was born in Venezuela and currently works in the field of Information Technology.

He enjoys playing and listening to Jazz, Pop, and folklore music, among other genres.

Diego plays minor percussion in The Name Orchestra.

Paul Samson

3rd trumpet

Paul first started playing the recorder in primary school. Afterwards, he received private lessons where he learned to play the piano, the cuatro, the acoustic guitar, and the bass guitar. One of his teachers was the great pianist Lionel Jacobs. Paul’s father played a big roll in his musical development, as he taught Paul how to play his first notes on the trumpet. Later on, he continued his learning with Mr. Bernadina, who taught him to read figures and notes with his trumpet. In The Netherlands, Paul worked further on his skills under the tutelage of Viktor Borkent.

On his return to Curaçao, he continued furthering his musical skills under the guidance of Aldrin Cornelia. Paul now plays the third trumpet in The Name Orchestra.

Giovanni Atalita


Giovanny has always been interested in music. He started playing classical guitar at a young age and soon moved on to playing the bass guitar.

In 1979, he started to learn to play the trombone. Later, in 1988 he pursued a musical career at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he graduated in 1991.

In Curaçao, Giovanny played for Arnell i Orkesta, Doble R, Super Special Stars, Quality One and many other bands.

He is currently a fixed member in The Freewinds Band and the trombonist of The Name Orchestra.

Miek Miek van Rooyen


Miek Miek has a unique style and charming personality. As a young girl, she longed for musical freedom to improvise and perform. Later in life, she discovered the saxophone (tenor, alto and baritone). Her music has led her to tour in Switzerland, Spain, The Caribbean, in the International Jazz Festivals in Russia and Sweden, Germany, and New York with various bands. Her music genres include jazz, smooth jazz, latin, blues, funk, lounge music, bossa nova, bolero, and bachata.

Nowadays, Miek Miek plays with the best musicians in Curaçao, has her own quartet called Caribbean Colors, and plays the saxophone for The Name Orchestra.